Welcome to Meddco Australia

Meddco Australia is the brainchild of founding partners Pat & Rea. With roots firmly set as a leading supplier in the equipment furniture industry, beginning with hair & beauty in 2002, branching out into the medical industry was the obvious next step.

“There were many clinicians wanting to order our hair and beauty products over the years but the issue was that they had to ‘settle’ for what we had rather than purchasing equipment that suited their specialised needs. After significant evaluation of market forces and the capabilities of our manufacturing plant, we decided it would be best to apply our vast knowledge to the medical furniture industry too.” Says company director Rea Liapis.  

This realisation led to Meddco collaborating with clinicians in various medical specialties to create a cutting edge range of treatment tables and patient positioning devices that balance the needs of both patients and practitioners. Meddco’s commitment to identifying the needs of customers and providing solutions that are both cost effective and of the highest quality, is second to none. 

The goal is to offer quality and reliability at a very competitive price. No matter what the budget, Meddco Australia has the furniture to suit your needs.


Our Mission & Future Goals
Medical furniture just happens to be one of those industries that doesn’t only create an income but also creates a sense of achievement. There is not much that can compare with the thought of our products being used by a mother holding her child as they are being examined by the doctor, a grandmother holding onto one of our chairs as she walks to greet her family or a young man sitting on our treatment chairs when giving a life saving donation of blood. However, we will always strive to do more.

This year, 2018, will see our business grow with the addition of non-treatment furniture for home care and nursing homes. We are also beginning a very important process which will hopefully see Meddco Australia added as an NDIS approved supplier. What this means is that we will be able to help more families, in their own homes, by giving them access to products that can change the way they go about their lives. These families can access our product range with government funding rather than personally funding the products that will assist their loved ones. 

Not only do we appreciate all of the work these families put into ensuring the proper care for their loved ones but we are one of those families ourselves. So we know how daily life can be changed for the better with the addition of new equipment.

This year will also see us sponsoring some amazing events in the medical community. So keep an eye on our blog to see more. 

At Meddco Australia we aim to create long term relationships built on trust with all of our customers, suppliers and community affiliates. 

A message from our General Manager

Quality is something we strive to achieve in all aspects of our business, not just our products. I believe that collaboration is the backbone of creating a positive business relationship which leads to greater understanding, meaning and innovative solutions that best suit our customers and our business.

Rea L

Meddco Holdings Pty Ltd